Rental prices 2023

Rental price E-BIKES      

1 day

from 4 hours

1/2 day

4 hours

E-Bike Fully with Wagrain-Kleinarl Card/Sportwelt Card € 59,- € 49,-  
E-Bike Fully without Card € 69,- € 59,-  
E-Bike Hardtail with Wagrain-Kleinarl Card/Sportwelt Card € 49,- € 39,-  
E-Bike Hardtail without Card € 59,- € 49,-  
E-Bike children 20", 24" or 26" with Wagrain-Kleinarl Card/Sportwelt Card € 39,- € 34,-  
E-Bike children 20", 24" or 26" without Card € 49,- € 44,-  
MOUNTAINBIKE € 35,- € 26,-  
Double carrier for children with Wagrain-Kleinarl Card/Sportwelt Card € 25,- € 20,-  
Double carrier for children without Card € 35,- € 30,-  
Carrier for dogs with Wagrain-Kleinarl Card/Sportwelt Card € 25,- € 20,-  
Carrier for dogs without Card € 35,- € 30,-  
Insurance der Bikes (deductible € 50,00) €   5,- €   5,-  
Helmet €   3,- €   2,-  
Delivery service to your accomodation      
  Wagrain-Kleinarl Sportwelt  

Call your E-Bike Hotline +43 664 88 46 82 98

Within the Salzburger Sportwelt we deliver your bikes on demand. The price is once per rental.
  €  45,- € 60,-  



General terms and conditions BIKE-WELT Wagrain-Kleinarl/E-Bike


The rental of the e-bikes is only possible with a valid photo ID. If the tenant is under the age of 18, a declaration of consent from the legal guardian must be signed in the shop.

Durance of rental:

The rental durance is 4 hours half-days, 8 hours full day. More days rental have to return the bike in the evening except agreed with our rental shop employee.


BIKE-WELT is not liable for any damage that occurs during the rental perion. The tenant has the option of taking out insurance for Euro 5,- with a maximum deductible of Euro 50,- in the event of damage. Theft or willful destruction are  not part of the insurance. INsurance cannot be taken out afterwards. The rental bikes are serviced regularly, and there is a service record for each e-bike. The renter is obliged to report damage or malfunctions to the bike immediately to the shop employee. The tenant may not repair damage himself.

Theft or willful destruction:

In the event of theft or willful damage, the missing or damaged part must be reimbursed in full. The renter is obliged not to leave the bike unattended during the rental period. If the e-bike is stolen, it will be reported and the renter must replace the bike in full.


The e-bike must be returned directly to an employee of the delivery service or the rental station. The bike is looked through together, just like when it was issued.





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